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Dirty 02:39
Right now I'm getting clean so that later on I can go out and get dirtier than anything that you have ever seen. Oh please, just leave me be and I will see you when the lights go down and our eyes meet across a crowded room. Peekaboo in the hospital ICU. Can you see me. I'm the one strapped to the sheets and attached to all these IVs. ...and when I'm eighty I'll still be shaking my artificial hips to the beat of the life support machine. Objective: use our tongues like knives to comb the clubs and bars and dives in hopes to find some women fitting to be future ex-wives. We're sly, we know. I know, you're right. But that doesn't seem to change a thing tonight. I'm armed with these scars and the best intentions to use all my limbs like deadly weapons. So draw a crowd and clear the floor then draw your swords in the name of cardboard cause there ain't no shame in the game so don't be afraid. But will you answer when the tiger beatbox is calling your name. My dance card reads like a resumé. I'm sorry son but you're way overqualified. Well, you can feel your stomach's sick as the room begins to spin. She takes you by the hand and of course you follow her in to the third door on the right. I guess it's one of those nights. Before you know it she disrobes, the floor's covered in clothes, just for safety hit the lights. You fall headfirst into bed as you trip over her coat and what's worse is in your head an angel's screaming "oh, please don't" and before you know it she's panting the words to the record that you wrote.
"Wake up at 4, clear your head, pull yourself off the floor" are the things that I am telling myself as I'm preparing to start selling myself. "Pack my bag, grab my keys and spill out to the street." It's time to go to work. The DJ starts to play my song as I'm mouthing the words and adjusting my skirt and don't you know the very second that I hear my name I'm owning the stage and taking my place among the royalty, the kings and queens of dirty luxury, they sing... You're not getting paid yet, professional trainwreck. Dance for the dollars cause you know you deserve them. Better use your paycheck, professional trainwreck, to buy your way out of this town before it eats you alive Call me confetti, I'm a beautiful mess. But don't you know the lights keep calling me. Call me an accident, you know I'm a wreck. But that doesn't seem to be stopping me. No, I am oh so sorry. Won't fuck you, not in bed or in business. I'm sure that you already know, soon as I get you I'll fall out of love with this and each and every king and queen will sing...
Diamonds 03:44
Oh it's the year of the boomerang, I'm bringing it back to stacked wax and miles of piles of 8 tracks and they all play the same song where you know all the words or even if you don't it sounds familiar at first. It goes 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock, stop and then I'll start again. I'm hotter than the sun wearing a cardigan. Pardon my reflex to give you what you're wanting. It's style over substance and everybody loves it. Honestly, honesty is overrated. If you're going to be a liar, baby, better be the best. So check my chest for the marks of an S. Got a Clark Kent complex running through my head. Ask me how I am I will reply super, man. I'm doing fine. I'm like the king midas of rhyming but everything I touch just turns into diamonds. They call me diamonds cause I'm a girl's best friend. Yeah, then they go and sing it again. This is an exercise in excess and best dressed. Fresh to death toes to heads. Egos bigger than Texas. You need to stress the sneakers up to the necklace cause looking good is half the battle. Now you know, Go Joe. She says she wears how she feels. A crown of shit and sexy heels, now that's what I call sex appeal but it doesn't matter at all cause it all looks the same crumpled up in a ball. Yes, he shoots, he scores, he's on fire. Oh yes, he's so Genesis the sun's silent. Yes, he ceases speaking in third person. I apologize for that brief diversion. My swagger is my championship belt. I'm like Mr. Perfect throwing touchdowns to myself. I hit the end zone and cue the violins. I want my girl covered in nothing but diamonds.
This is the year that they'll all catch on to these heartbeat words set to these upbeat songs and you'll be daft as hell and probably sing along not knowing that they're all about you. This is the rebirth of old colors. I put the bass back in basement lovers. She used to be green, now with a phd in getting down between the covers. Oh brother. It's criminal how cynical this boy has become. I'm clinical, I'm typical, I'm typically young. I'm better when I'm getting all the things that I want so make grabs and take stabs at brass rings with sharp tongues. Oh, do you know who wrote the book on clever lines and telling lies and giving dirty looks. Well, she tops the list of all the dirty crooks when both her and her telephone are off the hook. I called you up and I didn't get an answer. You said "baby, you're a heartbreakdancer." This is a whispering campaign of pop songs and popped corks off of bottles of champagne. Hey, I'm tasting summer on my lips and the space between my floor and hips is getting thinner by the minute. You know we're all part-time sinners and full-time cynics so tilt your head and then listen. Today's lesson is spilling from your speakers. The class is getting down and I will be your teacher. Oh me, oh my. Surprise, surprise. I've got these bright ideas and even brighter eyes. I've got a list of demands and it states that if you have a chance take it then start erasing every single last backup plan. Throw your heart in the ring, cross your fingers and part your hands because we're taking it all back, baby.


released May 27, 2008

Team Goldie is Matthew Ryan DiStefano.

Produced by M. DiStefano.
Tracks 1 and 4 engineered and co-produced by Dave Rand.
Mixed and Mastered by Dave Rand.
Additional Vocals on tracks 1 and 4 by Dave Rand and Chris Antal.

Artwork by Empire (


all rights reserved



Team Goldie Landenberg


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