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by Team Goldie

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I knew a girl once who forced her craft with flasks full of shit that'd take the paint off a Cadillac. I told her once "you're so goddamn vain." She thought this song was about her but it ain't (except for that line.) Put a pen to the paper, wrote "moving on." It's been a good amount of time since you've been gone and all the same bands are still playing the same songs and all the same girls are not making the same calls but I keep my chin up 'cause you know I fly right. Crossed sights make an old flame reignite. I could start a forest fire with a match tip, I could reach into a haystack and pull out a sewing kit. I like girls that are sensible, actions not reprehensible. Get me a cutie with her nose in a book who's modest about her good looks. Angel, work to get your head straight. You've been sleeping half a decade. She'll be Marilyn, I'll be Arthur Miller. I will be Rick and my girl will be Ilsa but this time she's not leaving the ground 'cause somehow we're gonna figure it out. We'll make it work like the night shift, flirt like we're bright kids dropping references to all the shit that we're liking. Before you know it she'll be wearing my clothes and her voice will be inside of my phone 'cause you know when I hit the road she'll be missing my Xs, my Os, my hugs and kisses. Existing just to sing and dance for the kids but every now and them some bitch will wanna talk shit. Thought it seems like when I write I've got good technique 'cause my tongues got a condo inside of my cheek. I'm renting space for the bitties too 'cause you know that's how I do.
Lately I've been thinking there is something I should probably say. Like "I need you, I want you. Why don't you just start listening?" All the notches in the belts and the obsession with yourself's grown old. It's become so clear to me that you would oh so easily sell all your soldiers up the river. Well, everybody's got a new sensation and everyone is disco calling your name and everyone has got their own frustrations. It's all the same 'cause we all feel the same way. Well, everybody's got a new sensation and everyone is disco calling your name and everybody's got the same temptations. Keep them at bay 'cause we don't have a thing to say. The floor's covered in lights and I've been thinking that I might get down 'cause I need this. I want this. I'm wanting you to hear me out. A lot of times your heart and eyes are sending out such different words and the truth is you're useless as much as the tune is I heard you sing about me. We're getting down on holidays and hollow nights in the spaces where you know my name is spelled out in spotlights. So act right or take your tired words and make an even trade for pool parties and fireworks. I have heard you are what you eat and if that's true then I must have accidentally swallowed Ernest Evans' dancing shoes. Stop now, get a grip. Show me what you're working with. Shaking hips, this is it. Start the party, hit the switch.
I dared myself to fill this stack of paper up with meaningful words, meaningful verbs and meaningful verse but no matter what I write it all feels seemingly worse because my pen is feeling seemingly cursed to repeat the same motions, make the same mistakes and I'd rather trace the same letters, same phrases than just try to embrace a brand new take on writing, a new take on living but with every tale I tell I'm growing more narcissistic with these threadbare words about living being easy. How my hits and kisses make the girlies' knees weak. Someone call a doctor 'cause I've got a sneaking feeling that they have stopped breathing and I've stopped believing. It's now or never and I've never been better but it's never enough for us to get by on. It's now or never and I'm better than ever but there is still a lack of time and inspiration. It's now or never and we think we're so clever but all there is to do is increase our bar tab and tell our hearts that they'll just have to wait. As of late I have been awash in a sea of daytime TV, teen movies and Friday night repeats but between these lessons and meaningless feelings I have been healing. Right now I'm reeling from the lack of attention, attention. Make way for pretension 'cause I've got a shovel and I've got intentions to forcefully unearth the time I was spending but then I quit digging and went back to penning these... All there is to do is increase our bar tab and tell our hearts that things really aren't bad and send our best to almost departed and tell our arms that they'll just have to...
She's got a body like a battleship. She's got a booty like an aircraft carrier...and she's taking my crew alive. Her clothes are soaked in sweat, her glasses are so wet with condensation. Oh, her body is exasperated and if you think you can take it get on the floor and start breakin' 'til the music stops. You're a fine piece of real estate and baby I want some land, some property. Oh properly address me the way you want me undressing you. Oh, what to do. L5's my crew and no we won't be stopping soon so it's time to use your dancing shoes. All that I know is that 1.21 gigawatts will bring us back to home. She's got a body like a battleship. She's got a booty like an aircraft carrier. She's got a body like a battleship. Oh, her guns are a-blazing and the dance floor's burning. Oh, she's the belle of the ball and she's a-ring, ring, ringing. ...and now I'm back again so you can tell your friends that Goldie's on it. All the others are just simply flaunting. Tell me what you're really wanting, I'll try to provide that something if it's all you need. I'm the CEOh snap. Don't turn around but watch your back 'cause I'm just here to bring the facts, get ladies up out of their slacks so back up, here comes the fame. It's time to hop aboard my train and if you people feel me say my name.
Scattered notes coast to coast make up only one page so I thought I'd write a book but that would never take shape. It always seemed to me like there was something missing like a makeout party when you're all of kisses or Mike Deveraux when you're all out of pitches so I emptied out my drawers and I emptied out my kitchen. Gathered my records and I packed my clothes. It's been fun but now it's time for me to get back home so I jumped in my car and I headed back east with my Dad occupying up the passenger seat. States and cities passed so quickly through the rearview mirror. Drove through the night as my body got nearer to a place with cheesesteaks and the Eagles that soar and where Pop Pop's spaghetti is better than yours. It's a fine state and a state of mind. The social club that you love, I heart L5. Here's to summer, all the days and nights, all the babes and fights and the blue skies are so right. I dropped my things and I grabbed my phone and I learned real quick that... You can't spell home without second chances and regrets. You can't spell home without all your family and your friends. You can't spell home without Pennsylvania. You can't spell home without bonfires and all the things that are so tough to find again. You can't spell home without Pennsylvania. Well I could write a song and load it up with cliches. I could talk about your eyes and I could talk about your face but I won't cause quite frankly there isn't a need. I'll just play on your body like piano keys. In the morning when you wake up there is one thing I know, the headline is gonna read that "Goldie stole the whole show." I was out the door before you rose today 'cause I had to get my body back inside of PA and before you knew it I found my way back to my bedroom. My posters and my hat rack with the trains marked clearly "Matthew." Not moving, no motion, appeared to be dead but clearly just dreaming a voice and it said "dear, tell me all the things that you will think about love. Do you think it's in streets, is it in bodies or blood or the space filled up with the gentle hum of pop songs. Here's to movement and the steps involved." You can't spell home without first time goodbyes and "hello, new life." Hard not to love all beaches and the highways, the midwest and the southern states but I don't care where my body even ends up, my heart will stay in Pennsylvania.


released October 4, 2005

Team Goldie is Matthew Ryan DiStefano.

Produced by Dave Rand and M. DiStefano.
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Dave Rand.
Additional Engineering by Orest Mykyta.
Drum Programming by Dave Rand and M. DiStefano.
Additional Vocals on "Spring Break 1871" by Caleb Coy.
Additional Vocals on "Hairodynamics" by Aaron Scott.
Additional Vocals on "Sharpshooter! Sharpshooter!" by Caleb Coy and The Goldie Wilson Singers.

Artwork by Bobby Griffiths at Gutter Magic (www.guttermagic.net)


all rights reserved



Team Goldie Landenberg


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